$50 SMA Rebate

Receive a $50 rebate on every SMA Power+ residential system you install. Only the Power+ Solution from SMA delivers time, labor and balance of system savings—all while putting money back in your pocket! From August 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 every Power+ residential system installed is eligible for a $50 rebate. Remember, the more you install the more you earn, so act fast to take advantage of your Power+ Payday. 

Click here for more info and to submit your claim.

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Outback Disaster Relief Sale

SystemEdge relief sale! These battery-based systems eliminate reliance on the grid in places hit by hurricanes or fire helping communities rebuild. Call / email for updated pricing for these SystemEdge prices: 349-0013, 349-0005, 349-0020, 349-0006, 349-0019, 349-0018.  

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1. Earn a 3 Night Caribbean Cruise for 2 When You Buy A Cumulative 130kW+ in Full System Orders Between Aug 1 - Oct 31!*

For every account that buys over 130kW in full systems during Aug 1- Oct 31, Soligent will provide a $700 gift certificate to a major cruise line.*


2. Earn a Brand New iPad to Use with our New Soligent Sky iOS Site Survey App When You Buy A Cumulative 75kW+ in Full Systems!*  

The Soligent Elite is an invitation-only loyalty program. If you were invited to apply, please complete your Soligent Elite application here with the email sent to you.

*Terms: To be eligible, you must be enrolled in the Soligent Elite program by August 31, 2017. If you received an invite, use the application link above to apply. A full system purchase on each sales order, inclusive of the modules, inverters, and racking in the appropriate ratios is required for this promotion. Full systems must be invoiced between August 1 and October 31, 2017. Full system kW are automatically calculated, and awards will be sent out in the month of November. Dealers who spend over 130kW in full systems will receive either the cruise OR the iPad, but not both. Up to 1 gift per account will be awarded. Any product returns during or after the promotion will be calculated and apply.  In compensation of the cruise, Soligent will provide to the Soligent Elite dealer a $700 gift certificate applicable toward one top cruise line. The Elite Dealer will be able to choose to receive that gift certificate to one of at least 3 top cruise line options. For the iPad, Soligent will ship a new Apple iPad with WiFi, 32GB 2017 model. All relevant taxes and fees apply.  Wholesalers / distributors are not eligible for this promo.