Soligent Solar Engine

Turbocharging Dealers

More consumers and businesses want to invest in solar than ever before, but many dealers find themselves buried in paperwork, lining up subcontractors or waiting around for credit approvals. Local dealers are also being forced to compete against nationally-based installers with deep pockets.

Soligent has created a set of integrated services called Solar Engine that lets solar dealers reduce the time and expense associated with obtaining financing, managing installations and other back office tasks. The Solar Engine allows dealers to leverage our scale, national network of partners and experience so that you can compete directly with the largest dealers, improve your productivity and get back to what you do best.

Solar Engine is Flexible and Scalable to Fit Your Needs

Dealer A

Dealer A has developed a highly-optimized sales and marketing engine, but can struggle to manage all their projects. The Dealer uses Soligent as their back end, gets money up front to grow, and Soligent helps organize the rest for our dealer: we can obtain the permits and financing, and then ask our top rated pure play installer/dealers to install the system). The dealer can then spend his time growing vs struggling on projects.

Dealer B

Dealer B focuses on installations. He has one of the best installation teams in his region, but marketing suffers. Through Solar Engine, he gets project after project and can maximize the amount of time his crews spend in the field. He will work on larger, and more, projects than ever before.

Solar Engine Services Include

  • Comprehensive materials management, fulfillment and logistics services
  • Time- and cost-saving services for permitting, system design and project management
  • Competitive financing rates for solar projects from the largest banks and organizations
  • Best pricing on equipment; we're the largest solar distributor in the U.S.
  • Pre-qualified local installers, electricians and other subcontractors for projects you source
  • Opportunities for installers to participate in larger and/or more projects in their area

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Soligent Solar FAQ

  • What is Solar Engine?

    Solar Engine is set of modular services created by Soligent that makes it easier for independent solar dealers to sell, finance, manage or install solar projects. Dealers take advantage our nationwide network of partners, in-house technology and over 30 years of experience through Solar Engine to turbocharge their business.
  • Why?

    Solar Engine levels the playing field and can increase your net profitability by 10 percent or more. We offer nationally competitive services for logistics, financing and other tasks that reduce hard and soft costs and free up your employees for more valuable assignments. We let you step away from the paperwork so you can get back to what you do best.
  • How Does It Work?

    Let's say you have a highly efficient sales force that often gets slowed down or distracted by the need to obtain permits or line up installation crews. By using Solar Engine, you can offload project management, financing and installation on us. You'd receive a commission and not have to dedicate working capital or expenses to the project.

    Conversely, let's say you have an installation crew that's not fully occupied. By becoming a Solar Engine certified installer, you would begin to work on projects we've sourced, increasing your employee productivity and freeing you up from marketing.

    And if you want to sell and install your projects, we can still reduce the cost of financing, equipment and logistics. We have a national scale to drive down the cost and time required for these kinds of operational tasks. By lowering your costs, we also free up your time and increase deal flow.
  • Does it Save me Money?

    Yes. Soligent is the largest solar distributor and fulfillment organization in the country. We can provide financing, products and services more economically than dealers can obtain on their own. Do you wait 90+ days from the time you sign to the time you get IC? We can shorten that to 45 days.

    Just as important, we give you your money back. Consider this: today a dealer can generate between $5,000 to $7,000 of gross profit on a typical residential project. With Solar Engine, dealers can net somewhere between 1.5X and 2X more cash without the hassles of organizing crews and projects.
  • What are Some of the Other Benefits?

    Productivity. If you're an installation-focused dealer, you can keep employees busy and avoid seasonal slowdowns. If you are a sales-focused operation, your top talent isn't wasting time filling out forms.

    Scale. Many dealers who are poised for growth lack only the cash to fund it. Solar Engine lets you scale without adding overhead for project backlogs that exceed your near-term operations.

    Risk Reduction. In many of our engagements, we also assume liability for the complete project, thereby reducing your business' exposure to long-term risks.
  • If you find yourself saying things like this, talk with a Soligent representative to see how Solar Engine can help you:

    • "Sometimes I can't keep up with the project backlog"

    • "I want to improve the cash flow of my business"

    • "I don't have the capacity to manage inventory for upcoming projects"

    • "I have a great sales team - I could get more out of them if we could just focus on sales and not worry about project

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