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String Calculator: Use this tool to determine how many PV modules you will need in series and parallel with a Morningstar charge controller. For tips on using the calculator, refer to video included on the page, or click on the "Training: Morningstar String Calculator" below. 

TrakStar MPPT Technology and Maximum Input Power

PWM vs.TrakStar MPPT Technology

Heat Dissipation of the TriStar & TriStar MPPT Controllers Inside Enclosures

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Best Practices by Battery Chemistry

Videos: Installation & How-to's

Training: Morningstar String Calculator

Webinar: Solar Lighting Applications and Training

Webinar: Off Grid Battery & Charge Controller Best Practices

MSView Setup Wizard Overview & Custom Settings Part 1

Controller Email Alert Programming

Webinar: ProStar MPPT                                               

Webinar: Retrofitting Existing Grid-Tied Systems with Battery Backup

MSView Setup Wizard Overview & Custom Settings Part 2

Webinar: ProStar Gen3 Solar Charge Controller

Webinar: TriStar MPPT Training

Webinar: Ethernet MeterBus Converter                                                                       

MSView Setup Wizard Overview & Custom Settings Part 3

Webinar: Solar Charge Inverters and Controllers

How to Update the ProStar MPPT Solar Controller Firmware