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Links to Helpful Resources

Upcoming Trainings and Events: This listing of valuable in-person events include NAPCEP credits where applicable.  (Click here for a list of upcoming Soligent webinars and dealer trainings.)

Upcoming Webinars: browse this list of free webinars pertaining to a wide range of mounting and roofing subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions: an excellent starting point for questions about rooftop solar installation & mounting; also note technical support contact information at the top of this page.

Know Your Composition/Asphalt Shingle Roofthis overview includes valuable advice regarding working with this roof type, including mounting products selection and proper flashing placement.

Know Your New Composition/Asphalt Shingle Roofthis overview includes installation sequence, product selection, recommended quantities of mounts per module, alternative attachment methods, and other topics pertaining to this roof type. 

Know Your Tile Roofthis overview includes information about waterproofing, product selection, quantities of mounts per module, sealants , and mountain hardware suitable for tile roofs. 

Know Your Low Slope Roofthe low slope installation overview includes information pertaining toconstruction methods, preferred flashing and mounts, sealants, and mounting hardware. 

Attaching Solar on Steep Slope Roofsthis six-page document provides an overview of waterproofing basics as well as attachment methods for various steep slope roof types. 

Mounting Products by Roof Type: reference this useful chart to find flashing spec's, finishes, and part numbers.

Basics of Waterproofingprimarily intended as a primer for solar professionals, this overview provides basic information about waterproofing, code compliance, the use of galvanized steel, and maintaining roof warranties. 

Sales Flyer: this two-page flyer details the benefits of QMPV mounting products to installers and homeowners, and lists the features of various products, sorted by roof type.

Videos: Installation & How-to's

Quick Rack Segment 1: Array Layout

Quick Rack Segment 5: Aligning the Panel Clamps

Quick Rack Accessory Frame Bracket Installation

Installing Tile Replacement Mount

QBase Low Slope Mount on Insulated Membrane Roof

Flashing the QBase Low Slope Mount with E-Curb

Webinar: Best Practices - Comp./Asphalt Shing. Roofs

Webinar: Solar Roofing Best Practices - Tile Roofs

Quick Rack Segment 2: Installing the Base Mount

Quick Rack Segment 6: Skirt Installation

Quick Mount Designer Software Tutorial

Installing the Classic Conduit Mount

Installing the Tile Conduit Penetration Flashing

Bolt Preparation for the Classic Composition Mount

Webinar: Roofing Codes for Solar

Webinar: Waterproofing Solar Pool Heating Systems 

Quick Rack Segment 3: Leveling

Quick Rack Segment 7: Module Installation

Installing the Conduit Penetration Flashing

Installing the Quick Hook                                               

QBase Metal, Shake & Slate Mount on Shake Roof

Locating the Rafter                                                            

Webinar: Best Practices - Shake/Slate/Metal Shing. R's

Webinar: Tile Replacement Mount

Quick Rack Segment 4: Panel Clamps

Quick Rack: how it works (short version)

Installing Wood Blocking                                                

Installing tile Conduit Mount                                         

QBase Low Slope Mount on a Built-Up Roof

Webinar: Solar Roofing Best Practices - Low Slope Roofs

Webinar: Quick Rack Design and Installation

Webinar: Introduction to Quick Rack

Videos: Sales & Promotional

Waterproofing for Tile Roofs