5 Things You Should Know About Solar

Residential Solar Ownership (Cash & Loans) Will Surpass Leasing in 2017. 

  • 55% of residential solar is expected to be direct ownership in 2017, largely due to slowdown in SolarCity & Vivint and their PPAs.

  • In 2021, approximately 73% of all solar systems will be owned directly. See Soligent’s competitive loan financing!

Utility & State Solar Policy Changes Soared in Q3; 44 Utilities in 25 States Proposed Rate Hikes of at Least 10%. 

  • 117 policy actions considered in Q3 across 42 states. 44 utilities in 25 states proposed rate hikes of at least 10%.

  • Net metering changes were considered or enacted in 22 states.

  • Utilities were granted 53% of their requested increase in Q3.  Read More.

Global Module Prices Fell by 33.8% Since 1st Half of 2016 From $3.16 to $2.89 for Residential Systems

  • Average global system costs for residential fell from $3.16 to $2.89 and for commercial from $1.85 to $1.62. Read More.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) Version 2 Kicked Off in PG&E Territory on Dec. 16; Expected to Have Limited Impact on CA Commercial Solar Project Demand

  • 2409 MW Cap hit on 12/15

  • NEM Transition to v.2.0 is forecast to have limited impact on Commercial solar project demand in CA

Utah Awaits Major Net Metering Decision;  Solar Applications Surge in first half of December for Grandfathered In Rates

  • Rocky Mountain Power is considering rates hikes on solar customers that would take the average customer monthly bill from $55 to 74.

  • Solar applications surged as residents tried to get applications in by Dec. 9, the proposed date for grandfathering existing lower rates. Read More.