New SMA 40 Series

SMA is transitioning from the popular TL-22 line of inverters to the new -40 series in the 3.0 to 7.7kW range.

The 5.0 to 7.7kW inverters now have 3 MPPT channels (3.0 and 3.8kW, 2 MPPT channels), Secure Power Supply potential output upped from 1500 to 2000 watts.

Grid connections can be 240 split phase or 240/208 Wye or Delta 3 phase, for balanced 3 phase inputs multiples of 3 inverters to be used.

All units now have integrated DC disconnects and LAN/WLAN Webconnect modules, no need to purchase additional monitoring components

SMA Rapid Shutdown System, consisting of a RSD Box and a RSD Controller. RSD Box can handle up to 4 string inputs with 2 MPPT channel outputs, up to 16 RSD Boxes can be triggered by 1 RSD Controller. Rapid Shutdown will only occur when the RSD Controller button is initiated, so the Secure Power Supply will function, assuming the sun is out, in the event of a grid outage.


  • 3 – 7.7kW

  • Replacing the TL-22 units

  • 240 split phase or 208/240 3 phase, Wye or Delta connection

  • 2 MPPT DC inputs on 3.0 and 3.8 inverters

  • 3 MPPT DC inputs on 5.0 – 7.7 inverters

  • SPS (Secure Power Supply) upped from 1500 to 2000 watts

  • LAN/WLAN built in

  • Integrated DC disconnect

  • Works with SMA RSD Box and RSD Controller