ProSolar - Featured Product of the Month

ProSolar is one of the solar industry’s best kept secrets. It’s racking consistently beats out leading brands on price while meeting the highest quality standards and low labor setup time. Here’s a look at how ProSolar is better:

  • High quality; 100% U.S. made; 28 years in solar manufacturing
  • Black Rail at the same low price as Clear Anodized Rail
  • Faster install times = Reduced labor costs: No need for Weeb PMC or Bonding Jumper Splice
  • Faster driving Spax screws/lags included with the FastJacks: Drive more fasteners per battery charge and reduce install time
  • Pre-assembled Mid-Clamps & ergonomically sized, reclosable boxes for easy roof deployment
  • Rooftrac Rail/Clamping Systems designed for all mounting applications, including: Flush mount on Tile and Asphalt shingles, Flat Roof mounts with SolarWedge, and Ground Mounts with GroundTrac. Check them all out here.

Check out Soligent’s ProSolar Product Line or watch ProSolar’s 1 min assembly videos here!