The CEO Report - Feb 2017

It’s been quite the month for solar between torrential downpours in much of California and snow storms across the East Coast. But the outlook for 2017 for residential solar remains extremely strong. All data indicates that growth in 2017 will come considerably amongst the thousands of business Soligent serves: you.  Our warehouses across the country have consistently maintained a near 100% picking accuracy to get the right product to you, far above the industry average. We’ve taken major measures to increase long-term availability of our core product offering and for our team to work consistently with yours to help plan each project. Our 6 financing lines provide virtually unlimited credit lines on your financed projects.

We’re the leading experts in Solar and have been for 38 years since our early Solar Depot days. Yes, we know we can win on price - we’re also here to free up your working capital in your business, to help you size your systems, build designs, talk about different products and plan with you, discuss how to train your team, partner with our manufacturers, and close deals together. No project is too big or too small. I warmly invite you to personally email me at to share your feedback on how we’re doing, and your business opportunities. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of.