Soligent Elite Dealers Use Free Residential Feasibility Studies
to Convert Prospects into Done Deals!


Soligent Has Taken Value-Add to A New Level

  • Get professional, easy-to-understand solar assessments for your prospects’ homes to help seal each deal

  • Includes an Aurora shade report, validated by NREL, solar radiance, and LIDAR data so you can save the time, frustration, and expense of visiting dead-end sites

  • Our team does all the work with a typical <24 hour turnaround so you don’t have to! You manage it through an easy online portal & communicate any preferences to the design team

  • Best of all it’s free for all Soligent Elite dealers (normally a $40 value per report)!

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Each Elite Feasibility Study Includes

  • Customized report with your logo, prospect’s address, satellite and LIDAR 3D images of your prospect’s address

  • Full Aurora shade analysis with diagram of module layout, annual and monthly solar variance for each array, giving you accurate annual production estimates on every project

  • Basic bill of materials you’ll use including the brand, model, and quantity of modules, inverters, and racking

  • Detailed data sheets of each item, powerful visuals to help you build trust and showcase performance