Why O&M is Important

Higher ROI

PV systems that do not have scheduled maintenance programs to support the product and power production do not have a high ROI.


Maintain Manufacturer Warranties

PV equipment needs scheduled maintenance not only to maintain functionality, but also to maintain manufacturers warranties.


Potential for Failure

PV equipment is comprised of manufactured parts that after assembly and installation need inspection and maintenance. Any component of the system has the potential for failure, and every component left uncared for will deteriorate and fail over time.


Keeping Costs Low

The key to proper maintenance is planning when and how much service should be done, so the original value and functionality is maintained without incurring more than “reasonable cost”.


Better Performance

A well maintained system can perform up to 30% better than one which is not.

Service Solution

  • Service plans are designed to shield and protect solar PV investments for unavoidable degradation.

  • We develop a cost effective approach to solar O&M management.

  • Provide necessary documentation and reports to backup warranty claims.

  • Third party verification of your system, providing confirmation that installation is 100% complete.

  • Performance monitoring assistance will detect irregularities on site that could go otherwise unnoticed for days or weeks.

  • Vegetative maintenance can also be a key factor, general seasonal visits will ensure that shading does not become an issue.

  • Individual O&M plan custom made to address your site’s characteristics.


Service Areas

Soligent maintains a large network of qualified service technicians/installers located throughout the U.S and licensed solar contractors and electricians whose expertise also includes issues related to their region (location and climate).





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