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Soligent Expands Service: Introducing Statewide Residential Delivery Across Florida

Soligent Expands Service: Introducing Statewide Residential Delivery Across Florida

Dallas TX – [02/01/2024] – In a significant stride toward revolutionizing clean energy access in the Sunshine State, Soligent is thrilled to announce its "Advantage Florida" initiative. As the premier distributor of clean energy technology in North America, Soligent is set to broaden its horizon with an ambitious program designed to cater to the burgeoning demand for renewable energy in Florida. Commencing on January 29, 2024, this initiative marks a pivotal advancement in Soligent's mission to champion the clean energy revolution, spotlighting Florida's pivotal role in this transformative journey.

Expanding Operations for Unmatched Customer Service

At the heart of "Advantage Florida" lies Soligent's steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation within the clean energy realm. This strategic expansion, originating from our Orlando Distribution Center, aims to significantly enhance delivery speed, efficiency, and reach, ensuring that every Floridian has seamless access to our comprehensive range of solar products and services. This initiative reflects our commitment to fulfilling the growing need for sustainable energy solutions, solidifying Florida's position as a key player in the national clean energy landscape.

Prioritizing Cost-Efficiency and Accessibility

Understanding the essence of affordability and accessibility in advancing clean energy adoption, "Advantage Florida" introduces significantly reduced rates for statewide residential deliveries. This pivotal move is designed to ensure that Soligent's top-tier solar products and services are more accessible to Floridians, removing financial barriers and fostering a wider adoption of clean energy solutions across the state.

Fostering Community Engagement and Awareness

Recognizing the crucial role of community involvement in propelling the clean energy agenda forward, "Advantage Florida" encompasses a comprehensive strategy to engage both existing and prospective customers. Through a blend of targeted social media campaigns, impactful email marketing efforts commencing on January 28, 2024, and interactive customer-facing events, Soligent aims to educate and connect with the community. These initiatives are tailored to underscore the benefits of solar energy, the unique advantages of partnering with Soligent, and the enhanced convenience our statewide residential delivery services offer.

Rallying Towards a Sustainable and Prosperous Future

"Advantage Florida" embodies a collective call to action for all clean energy stakeholders in Florida—from homeowners and community leaders to investors and industry allies. Soligent extends an open invitation to join this transformative expansion endeavor. This initiative transcends mere market growth; it symbolizes our shared vision for a sustainable, energy-efficient future for Florida, setting new benchmarks in the clean energy sector.

About Soligent

Soligent holds the title of the largest distributor of solar and clean energy products across North America. With a profound commitment to propelling sustainable energy solutions globally, Soligent empowers its partners and customers with unparalleled financing, logistics, and design services. Our mission is to make clean energy an accessible and affordable reality for communities worldwide.

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