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November 15 - December 31: All Soligent Elite Dealers who purchase one of Solaria, OutBack, or IronRidge at Soligent will receive an iOS fisheye lens to be used with Soligent Sky for each order (up to 3 total lenses)!*

Soligent Sky, Soligent's iOS site survey app similar to the Solmetric SunEye, is currently free for all Solient Elite dealers, a $2300+ value. And now with iOS fisheye lenses for your team, you'll be ready to go! Learn more about Soligent Sky and download click here.


*Eligibility & Terms: You must be Soligent Elite (invite-only) by November 31, 2017 and must purchase at least $1,000 of either Solaria, OutBack, or IronRidge on a single order to qualify. An order that qualifies with 2 or more of Solaria, OutBack, or IronRidge will receive 1 lens. A Soligent Elite dealer may receive up to 3 total lenses. Lenses will be shipped in early January 2018.

$50 SMA Rebate

Receive a $50 rebate on every SMA Power+ residential system you install. Only the Power+ Solution from SMA delivers time, labor and balance of system savings—all while putting money back in your pocket! From August 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 every Power+ residential system installed is eligible for a $50 rebate. Remember, the more you install the more you earn, so act fast to take advantage of your Power+ Payday. 

Click here for more info and to submit your claim.

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Outback Disaster Relief Sale

SystemEdge relief sale! These battery-based systems eliminate reliance on the grid in places hit by hurricanes or fire helping communities rebuild. Call / email for updated pricing for these SystemEdge prices: 349-0013, 349-0005, 349-0020, 349-0006, 349-0019, 349-0018.