Soligent Sky

Solar Site Surveys in Seconds with Soligent's Proprietary iOS App

Soligent Sky is the leading iOS solar site survey app. Using proprietary algorithms, Soligent Sky turns your iPhone or iPad into a precise shade analysis tool, similar to the Solmetric SunEye but at a fraction of the cost.

Just attach a $15 fisheye lens purchased via Amazon on the front camera of your iOS device, lay it flat on the roof, and snap a picture. Soligent Sky calculates the azimuth, tilt, and uses your address to precisely calculate your solar radiance, allowing you to adjust shade with a slider or with the touch of a finger! In seconds, you’ll see a simple solar radiance report that you can show to your solar prospect on-site in real time to help seal the deal. Easily export the data to CSV file formats that the SunEye generates or open it in Helioscope design software. The days of expensive, bulky solar site survey software are over. Try Soligent Sky today!

Soligent Sky is now available as an exclusive free benefit to Soligent Elite dealers only.                                                                             Search "Soligent Sky" in the Apple App Store or download below. Enter your Soligent account # and any corporate email to be authenticated. Soligent Elite dealers are approved in seconds.




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About Soligent Elite: The Soligent Elite is Soligent’s exclusive free loyalty program offering software, services, discounts, and cash back toward product. The Soligent Elite is an invite-only loyalty program for the top percentage of Soligent’s best dealers. If you have received an invite to apply or are pre-approved, please apply at