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Upcoming Trainings and Webinars: NABCEP credits accompany listings. (Click here for a list of upcoming Soligent webinars and dealer trainings.)

Design Assistant: Offers support through each phase of a project - design, permitting, and installation. With real time engineering calculations and permitting documents in one place, your team will be better coordinated and set up for success.

Design Assistant Sample Report: this five-page report includes side and front views, splice, clamp, and roof attachment details, and a grounding diagram. 

Design Assistant Guides: These manuals provide instructions on how to use the online design assistant. Select from the following roof or mount types:

Pitched Roof Design Guide: this comprehensive, 16-page guide walks the installer through the entire process of completing a flush mount system design.

Tech Tip: Splicing Pipe or Mechanical Tubing for Ground Mount Systems: This two-page document will show you how to correctly splice the cross pipe when building your Ground Mount structure, whether using steel pipe or mechanical tubing. It also provides information on where to procure necessary materials.

Tech Tip: Alternative Foundation Methods for Ground Mount Systems: There are various foundation methods for ground-based solar installations outside of poured concrete. This two-page document will discuss each option in detail, and go over the unique considerations associated with each foundation type.

Tech Tip: Pre-Assembling Modules and Rails for Ground Mount Systems: Large ground-based installations require careful planning in order to meet deadlines. This three-page document walks you through how to pre-assemble your Ground Mount System, in order to shorten timelines and keep up momentum.

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Universal Fastening Object

XR Rails Strength Test


Videos: Soligent Webinars

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