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Links to Helpful Resources

PT-100 DC Coupling Configurations Diagram: use this chart to network the PT-100 with other network devices.

PT-100 DC Coupling Sizing Chart: size your PV array and charge controller to match your system loads.

Automatic Generator Wiring Diagrams - Cross Market: this page lists various generators from 25 brands; clicking on a specific generator provides you with a one-page diagram for wiring to  Automatic Generator Start controllers.

Mobile Power Calculator: use these guidelines to determine what loads you can run on your 12VDC vehicle's platform.

Explaining High Frequency vs. Low Frequency Inversion Methods: this brief yet informative overview outlines the different applications of high and low frequency inverters and the pro's and con's associated with each.

Waveforms Explained: Sinewave vs. Modified Sinewave. Outlines the load types and the pro's and con's associated with these two types of inverters.

Cable and Fuse Guide: 12VDCRefer to these two tables for connecting inverter or inverter charger to starting batteries, and for connecting starting batteries to auxiliary batteries.

Magnum Remote Compatibilityrefer to this table to determine which remote menus/features are compatible with your inverter.

Podcast: About Charge Controllers & Promoting the PT-100Hosted by Solar Power World magazine, this roughly ten-minute podcast features an interview with with Alan Santos-Buch, Magnum Energy's Western Region Sales and Marketing Manager. Find out how to tell what charge controller is right for your system, why heat dissipation is so important, how the company’s PT-100 differs from other option on the market and what other design considerations you should ponder.