Midnite technical support phone: (360) 403-7207 ext. 102

Midnite technical support email: open support ticket here

Ask the Soligent Guy: technicalsupport@soligent.net

Links to Helpful Resources

Firmware & Monitoring DownloadsThis page includes firmware updates for Classic charge controllers, the "KID" charge controller, and MODBUS network specifications. Also find link to download MyMidnight, the secure Classic monitoring service.

Discussion Forumhelpful categories include Online Training Sessions, General FAQs, System Design & Layout, and numerous product-specific threads.

Returned Merchandise Policy: simple one-pager including contact information and shipping address. 

MidNite Videos Archive: this page features dozens of videos, organized by product type and running the gamut from brief overviews to full-length webinars.

Videos: Installation & How-to's

Programming the Whizbang Jr for the KID MPPT Charge Controller

KID Charge Controller Firmware Update

How to Use String Sizing Tool

KID Charge Controller Battery Menu Options

How to Wire Up the KID's Twin or Sync Modes

Webinar: KID MPPT Charge Controller

KID Charge Controller Calibration

KID Twin vs. Sync Mode

KID Charge Controller Factory Restore

Secrets to DC Breakers

Videos: Sales & Promotional

Increase your ability to sell MidNite Solar products to your customers. 

Accessories for Sunny Island by SMA

Overview of MidNite Products