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String Calculator
Use this tool to determine how many PV modules you will need in series and parallel with a Morningstar charge controller. For tips on using the calculator, refer to video included on the page, or click on the "Training: Morningstar String Calculator" below. 

TrakStar MPPT Technology and Maximum Input Power
Solar module sizing, power ratings, and answers some of the more frequently asked questions relating to the use of MPPT controllers in conjunction with various module and battery solutions.

PWM vs.TrakStar MPPT Technology
Besides extra charge capability, there are several other important differences and advantages between PWM & MPPT technologies. These basic differences & advantages are outlined in this 13-page whitepaper.

Heat Dissipation of the TriStar & TriStar MPPT Controllers Inside Enclosures
Ideal for system designers contemplating thermal management when installing Morningstar controllers inside enclosures, this 15-page paper shows how to calculate the heat dissipation for Morningstar’s TriStar (PWM) and TriStar MPPT controllers and provides insight into other temperature-related issues.

Product Connectivity Manual 
Become familiar with all the networking, logging, data transfer, custom setting, and communication options Morningstar products have to offer.

Support FAQ
Technical support issues; also note technical support contact information at the top of this page.

Support Glossary
Reference for learning about any component or concept relating to controllers and inverters.

Best Practices by Battery Chemistry
Details how Morningstar controllers may be employed in conjunction with various battery chemistries and technologies.

Videos: Installation & How-to's

Training: Morningstar String Calculator

Webinar: Solar Lighting Applications and Training

Webinar: Off Grid Battery & Charge Controller Best Practices

MSView Setup Wizard Overview & Custom Settings Part 1

Controller Email Alert Programming

Webinar: ProStar MPPT                                               

Webinar: Retrofitting Existing Grid-Tied Systems with Battery Backup

MSView Setup Wizard Overview & Custom Settings Part 2

Webinar: ProStar Gen3 Solar Charge Controller

Webinar: TriStar MPPT Training

Webinar: Ethernet MeterBus Converter                                                                       

MSView Setup Wizard Overview & Custom Settings Part 3

Webinar: Solar Charge Inverters and Controllers

How to Update the ProStar MPPT Solar Controller Firmware