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Links to Helpful Resources

Module Clamp Reference Chartthis helpful chart matches twelve different ranges of module thickness with the corresponding clamps.

System Configuration Tool: determine requisite quantities of mid clamps, end clamps, splices and attachments based on the amount of modules and rail lengths in your array.

Frequently Asked Questions: a good starting point for company information and product-specific questions; also note technical support contact information at the top of this page.

Videos: Installation and How-to's

ProSolar Installation Step 1: FastJack

Step 5: Mid Clamp

TileTrac EZ Rail Lock - 2X Speed

Step 2: Self-Bonding Rail Splice

Step 6: Front Skirt 

Step 3: FastJack EZ Rail Lock & Mark

Step 7: End Cap

Step 4: Microinverter Self-Bonding Clamp

EZ Shingle Cut-In Template

Videos: Soligent Webinars

Improving Your Company's Profitability With ProSolar (3/22/17)