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SMA Webinar: Sunny Tripower CORE1 Overview

SMA will present the Sunny Tripower CORE1 including the technical knowledge required for design, installation and commissioning.

The new Sunny Tripower generation, Sunny Tripower CORE1“ is already different from its predecessors due to its innovative design as a standing appliance. This inverter, designed specifically for commercial rooftop applications, offers a multitude of advantages in installation and commissioning.

Experience the individual steps of a successful design, installation and commissioning with the new Sunny Tripower CORE1 in practice.

In addition, as always, the Technical Trainers of the SMA Solar Academy provide you with useful tips and tricks and you have the option to ask questions via the integrated chat that will be answered directly during the webinar.

Use this opportunity for an encompassing product presentation and in-depth technical insights into the new Sunny Tripower CORE1.