Since 1979, we’ve helped thousands of customers around the world eradicate our collective carbon footprint, and we continue with that mission today. We are a purpose driven company, working alongside our customers and partners to make a positive impact on the world. One of our collective goals is to offset climate change. In the renewable energy space we are privileged to do this every single day. We contribute to the environment by eradicating carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds from the planet by enabling our customers to maximize the impact they have on their local communities and environmental footprint.

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Soligent's Partnership
With GivePower

Did you know that waterborne disease is the planet’s leading killer? It’s no surprise when you consider that three out of ten people, worldwide, lack access to a safe, reliable source of water in their home. Soligent is proud to join the fight to combat this.

Soligent has partnered with the GivePower Foundation to work together to make a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people across the globe. GivePower has developed an innovative solar-powered desalination system that is sustainable and highly cost-effective, and we are proud to contribute to this cause.

For every deal secured through GoodLeap's Direct Pay through Soligent’s Solar Engine platform, Soligent will supply 5 people with clean drinking water for an entire year. That is every single GoodLeap Direct Pay through Solar Engine platform deal!

Did you know?

100% of donations to GivePower go entirely to helping those who need it most. GivePower’s overhead and operations are completely covered by partners like GoodLeap and Soligent, so every additional dollar donated is put toward a project in the field for maximum impact.