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Disclaimer: To purchase from Soligent and gain access to our Online Customer Portal, all customers are required to complete a Customer Application. This mandatory process ensures a personalized and secure purchasing experience, exclusive to our authorized dealers and partners. Please note, access to the portal is contingent upon the approval of your application
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Access to a Wide Range of High-Quality Clean Energy Products: Soligent offers a wide range of clean energy products, including top-tier solar panels, inverters, and battery storage systems, EV chargers catering to diverse customer needs and preferences.

Competitive Pricing and Financial Benefits: Being a Soligent dealer often comes with the advantage of competitive pricing, allowing for better profit margins. There may also be financial incentives such as discounts, favorable credit terms, or rebate programs that enhance the financial viability of your projects.

Training and Technical Support: Soligent provides comprehensive training and support to its dealers. This includes product training, installation techniques, and ongoing technical support. Such resources are invaluable for maintaining high standards of service and staying updated with the latest clean energy technologies.

Marketing and Sales Support: Soligent offers marketing and sales support to its dealers. This could include marketing materials, lead generation tools, and sales strategy guidance to help you effectively market your company and services.

Strong Brand Association and Credibility: Aligning with Soligent, a reputable name in the industry, can enhance your own brand's credibility. This association can be a powerful tool in building trust with your customers and expanding your market reach.

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