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Soligent Connect
Disclaimer: Access to Soligent's Online Customer Portal is exclusively available to authorized dealers. All interested parties must complete and submit a Dealer Application for review and approval prior to gaining portal access. This process ensures a tailored and secure experience for our valued partners
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Soligent Connect is a comprehensive online portal designed to streamline project management for clean energy installation professionals. It offers instant access to inventory, order placement, order tracking, and offers several payment methods. With real-time support and analytics, the platform simplifies operations, enhances decision-making, and boosts efficiency.Tailored for both small and large-scale enterprises, Soligent Connect is an indispensable tool for optimizing your purchases and project management.
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Click your way to Clean Energy Solutions! Prioritizing time-saving efficiency and security, our platform offers peace of mind with every fast and secure transaction. The intuitive ordering system makes navigating our vast inventory effortless, transforming renewable equipment purchases into a seamless process. With Soligent Connect, focus on what matters most: powering the world with clean energy.

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Your Invoice. Your Rules. Soligent empowers you with full control over your invoices, allowing customization to meet your specific needs. Sort by due date, invoice date, number, or amount due with ease on our intuitive platform. Streamline your financials effortlessly for smooth and efficient solar business management.

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Full Story Billing by Soligent delivers a transparent view into your transaction history, offering in-depth and comprehensive analysis for insights beyond numbers. Understand your spending and purchasing trends to make informed clean energy investments. It's not just tracking payments—it's understanding your clean energy journey.
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"Pay the ACH Way" simplifies payments by allowing direct bank transfers, eliminating the need for checks, mail, and payment inquiries. Enjoy a streamlined, secure payment process that saves time and hassle, freeing you to concentrate on advancing clean energy efforts.

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