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Blue Roof Farms – “The Technology is Now. Solar Power is Now.”

Farmhouse with solar panels on the roof

Fayette County, PABlue Roof Farms is a family-run company dedicated to installing electric solar power systems in the Pennsylvania area. Established in 2012, they use their expertise to provide energy independence and custom systems that will allow customers to have the power of the sun in the palms of their hands.

Blue Roof Farms specializes in residential, but they also do a small amount of commercial. Their rural systems are mostly grid-tied, with some battery backup. There are many individuals living back in the woods who are trying to plant a garden and are thrilled to have solar panels installed. The staff at Blue Roof Farms love to help their community reduce or eliminate electrical bills, enhance their property value, and make their own power.

System Specifications:

IronRidge: FlashFoot 2

Mission Solar: Modules

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