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Missouri Solar Solutions Satisfying Customer Demand By Proactively Positioning Future Technology

Electrical boxes and components installed inside
“Soligent took care of us on the original installation and took care of us for the storage as well. Bill always takes excellent care of us.” - Paul Hemmel, CEO of Missouri Solar Solutions

Centertown, MOMissouri Solar Solutions is a Missouri-based Solar installation company that specializes in both residential and commercial projects. They focus on ensuring their customers have the most up-to-date information to make the best decision for their project and stand behind a 25-year combined power and product warranty guarantee for their customers.

As you can see from the image featured in this article, this installation was a 40kWh Enphase Encharge 10 retrofit. The original ground mount project was completed in 2018, but Paul Hemmel knew that the Enphase Storage Backup system was already in the works at Enphase. So when he spoke to the homeowners for this project, he positioned the Enphase battery as a retrofit to install as soon as it was available. Being a Gold Level Enphase Installer allowed him to know the benefits of the products ahead of time and know when to best position future upgrades to meet the customers’ needs. A generator was used as a backup until the battery was available to be installed. Both the project in 2018 and the project featured were fully supported by Soligent Distribution.

2018 System Specifications:

Panel Type: SolarWorld

Panel Quantity: 48

Inverter Type: Enphase IQ6+

Racking: IronRidge

System Size: 13.2 kW

2021 Retrofit System Specifications:

System Size: 40 kWh

Soligent is the largest pure-play solar distributor in the Americas, supplying thousands of solar installers and contractors with solar energy equipment, engineering services, and project financing solutions. Soligent has been a pioneer in the solar industry for decades and continues to drive the market forward with innovative solutions ranging from materials management to project financing. For more information, please visit

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