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Sol Sierra Aims to Help Homeowners Feel Secure with Battery Installation

SimpliPhi Batteries installed in an array
“We here at Sol Sierra, Inc. have been working with Scott Jacobs at Soligent since the beginning, when Soligent was known as DC Power. Scott is very knowledgeable and quite capable of keeping the materials flowing to us so we can be the best we can be as an installing PV solar company. Hard to find equipment vendors these days that are as professional as these folks are. You can always count on Soligent!” – Vic Guillot, Owner at Sol Sierra, Inc.

Angels Camp, CA - This residential system was installed by Sol Sierra, Inc., a California based company that prides itself on offering a combined depth of knowledge and experience in both the construction field and PV solar energy systems that is unmatched. Sol Sierra, Inc., provides solutions for small and large-scale solar projects, empowering their customers to capitalize on the years of experience that they have acquired, offering the highest efficiency, most reliable solar energy solutions available today for your unique energy requirements.

Soligent’s Partnership with Sol Sierra, Inc.

Soligent supported Sol Sierra Inc. by supplying them with SimpliPhi Power batteries to make the most out of their solar power. The system is offering a storage capacity to these homeowners through the batteries, allowing them to store any unused energy for events such as a power outage. This latest install was considered a Phi project in an off-grid house. The Solar Power installation now provides these homeowners power security of renewable sources of energy so reduce their home’s carbon footprint and bring it closer to self-sufficiency.

System Specifications:

Battery Type: SimpliPhi Power

Battery Quantity: 5

Soligent is the largest pure-play solar distributor in the Americas, supplying thousands of solar installers and contractors with solar energy equipment, engineering services, and project financing solutions. Soligent has been a pioneer in the solar industry for decades and continues to drive the market forward with innovative solutions ranging from materials management to project financing. For more information, please visit

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