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Soligent & Sungage Launch PowerUp Direct-Pay for Solar Savings

Soligent and Sungage Financial Launch New PowerUp Program to Boost Savings for Solar Installers

Since 2021, Soligent and Sungage Financial have been pivotal in providing solar installers across the nation with the tools needed to offer flexible financing and reliable solar equipment to homeowners eager to embrace solar energy. Their collaboration through the Direct Pay partnership has simplified the process for many, making solar power more accessible.

This week, an exciting advancement in this partnership will be introduced at SolarCon, a premier North American solar networking conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The two companies are set to unveil PowerUp, an enhanced version of the Direct Pay program designed to further aid solar installation companies.

What Is PowerUp?

PowerUp aims to alleviate the financial pressures on solar companies by offering additional volume-based discounts on both solar system hardware and financing options. This initiative means that partners can enjoy significant savings on equipment costs and financing fees, which in turn allows them to offer more competitive pricing to homeowners. With the lowest possible monthly payments, more homeowners can enjoy the benefits of solar energy, facilitated by trusted and high-quality solar equipment.

Michael Gilroy, CEO of Sungage Financial, highlights the timing and necessity of the PowerUp program: “We know margins are tight for our partners given the recent fluctuation in financing rates and escalating business expenses. We are constantly looking for ways to help our partners save money and streamline their business operations, which is why we’re excited to launch PowerUp.”

Luke Hutchins, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Soligent, also shared his enthusiasm about expanding their collaboration: "This initiative marks a significant advancement in our commitment to empowering solar installation companies with more robust tools and opportunities. By enhancing our Direct Pay program, we are not only able to offer substantial savings but also facilitate a smoother, more efficient way for homeowners to adopt solar energy."

How Does It Work?

Solar installation companies that are partnered with and approved by both Soligent and Sungage can benefit from the PowerUp program. The program offers discounts based on the monthly funding volume, available to partners funding at least $250,000 a month. For more information on how to get started or to understand more about the program, interested companies can reach out to or fill out an online form provided by Sungage.

More About Soligent and Sungage

Soligent Distribution has been a leading clean energy and solar distributor in the Americas since 1979, supporting thousands of solar installers and contractors with solar energy equipment, engineering services, and project financing solutions.

Sungage Financial, for over a decade, has been instrumental in shaping the residential solar industry by providing reliable and flexible financing solutions, helping solar installers to build strong and resilient businesses.

As the solar industry continues to grow, partnerships like that of Soligent and Sungage Financial are crucial in fostering a sustainable future. Through programs like PowerUp, they are setting a benchmark for how businesses can collaborate to enhance the accessibility and affordability of solar energy.

For further details about Soligent and Sungage, visit their websites or contact Jon Hayes at

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