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The Innovation of Storage Continues with the Amazing Team At Harmony Solar

Sol-Ark indoor units inside
“I have been doing business with Soligent for the past 30 years. Bruce Roush is very knowledgeable and his customer service is excellent. I consider him a very good friend. They have the products that I need and I always prefer buying from them. They are very professional and very efficient. Anytime I call them they get back to me immediately. Top notch business.“ -Daryl Hutchings, Owner at Harmony Solar

Portola Valley, CA - Harmony Solar has been a family business operating in the Bay Area since 1963. Due to the urgent need for alternative energy solutions in California, Daryl and his partner Kevin developed Harmony Solar in 1999. As a result, they have since created some magnificent projects across this landscape and have gathered a strong workforce through their dedication to renewable energy.

Energy Storage Systems have been on the rise. The need for storage has been captivating the solar market. This system powers an off grid home and allows the customer to run the Central Air Conditioning, Electric Dryer, Water Pump and all the rest of the loads for the home.The customer has a 7 kW Solar Array, a 45 kW Engine Generator, 2 Sol-Ark 12kW inverters and 20 Simpliphi 3.8kWh 40V Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. The Sol-Ark Inverters include the Solar Charge Control and also automatically control the generator to charge the batteries as needed. Daryl and his team were able to provide their customer with this beautiful system, equipping their customer with a 76kWh system.

System Specifications:

Battery Type: SimpliPhi, Phi 3.8 Battery

Inverter Type: Sol-Ark 12kW Inverter

System Size: 76kWh

Soligent is the largest pure-play solar distributor in the Americas, supplying thousands of solar installers and contractors with solar energy equipment, engineering services, and project financing solutions. Soligent has been a pioneer in the solar industry for decades and continues to drive the market forward with innovative solutions ranging from materials management to project financing. For more information, please visit

Solar power units indoors

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