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Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc – Thinking Outside the Box to Save Customers Money

Electrical components inside
“Mike Tardell is very easy to work with. He consistently goes out of his way for us and in the years we’ve worked together he has also become a friend. His above and beyond customer service is a key reason we are so loyal to Soligent.” - Managing Forman, Gary Cole

Red Bluff, California - Wing Solar & Wood Energy, Inc has been servicing Northern California since 1977. They pride themselves on creating custom systems that meet the needs of their clients.

In this install, after submitting an original quote to the homeowner, the local utility company changed its net metering rates. After the homeowner saw the increase they originally decided to hold off on installing solar on their home. Gary Cole and his team decided to get creative with the system and were able to then go back to the homeowners with a plan that would offset the increase to their meter. He has set up the Sol-Ark product to work with the battery to charge the battery only in the morning to power their home during peak hours.

This was so effective that Gary and his team are going to reach out to the other clients they have in the area that were affected by this meter change and talk about retrofitting their systems. Having happy customers isn’t enough for Wing Solar. They see their homeowners as real people and when they know there is a solution out there that will benefit them, they reach out.

System Specifications:

Panel Type: Canadian 325

Panel Quantity: 36

Inverter Type: Sol-Ark, 12kW Battery/Battery-Less Inverter

Racking: Ironridge

System Size: 11.7 kW

Ground-mounted solar panel array

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