New to solar or need to brush up on the basics? We invite you to browse our offerings below.

The Soligent Guy's Quick-Start Guides to Solar

The Soligent Guy on the Basics of Electricity and Photovoltaics
The Soligent Guy on Modules
The Soligent Guy on Racking
The Soligent Guy on PV System Types
The Soligent Guy on Line Drawings (Part 1)
The Soligent Guy on Line Drawings (Part 2)
The Soligent Guy on Line Drawings (Part 3)

Other Helpful Resources

Basic Solar Concepts and Terms: Brief overview from the California Solar Initiatve.

Solar 101 by EnergySage: Includes in-depth array of topics, including microinverters vs. power optimizers, net metering, FAQ's, and more.

Solar Energy 101: How solar works from the California Energy Commission

Solar Electric Systems: This is a basic yet comprehensive overview from the American Solar Energy Society.

How a PV Panel Converts the Energy of the Sun into Renewable Electricity, by the Dept. of Energy