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At Soligent, we guarantee fast and reliable product delivery and service to our customers. We provide clarity about what our customers can expect by outlining our service level expectations below.

Soligent’s Guarantee to Dealers – We at Soligent are committed to providing our dealers with a positive customer experience. From our sales people to our credit department to our warehouse staff, we go the extra mile to make sure that your needs are met.

Standard Shipping: All sales orders will be shipped as follows once the order is placed and has reached the warehouse for shipping:
● LTL/Parcel orders entered prior to 1 PM today will ship today, after 1 PM will ship the following day.
● Soligent Fleet orders entered prior to 1 PM today will ship and deliver tomorrow, after 1 PM, the following day.
● Truckload orders will typically ship within 24-48 hours depending on truck availability
*All times given are local

Rush Orders: Please contact your Account Support Coordinator or Sales Representative to enquire about the availability of a rush order. Rush orders will be addressed and confirmed on a case by case basis to assure your needs can be met.

Soligent’s Requests to our Partners – In order to provide a high level of support, we have several requests that will allow us to provide faster, more reliable service. Operating within these requirements enables our customers’ orders to arrive accurately and on time.

Order Accuracy: Please submit orders clearly and accurately through our website, email, or by phone.

Order Changes: We understand that business needs can change and orders may need to be adjusted. Order changes will be addressed on a case by case basis and can cause shipping delays. Please contact your Account Support Coordinator or Sales Representative for further information and support.

Payment: Due to the ongoing product availability issues in the solar industry, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to allocate products to your orders until we receive payment.

Will Call: Will Call orders should be picked up at the appointed day and time when possible. Please call or email your Account Support Coordinator if you are unable to keep your appointment time. See our Will Call Policy for further details.

Damage and Returns: All inquiries related to returns, damages, exchanges, shortages, or overages will require a Claim Support Form. See our Returns, Damages, and Claims Policy for further details.

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